SimplyClear Aligners for Adults & Teens

What are the Benefits of Clear Aligners?

A better bite benefits your total body health. Properly aligned teeth can improve breathing, chewing, digestion, hygiene, sleep, and speech. Not to mention, you’ll love the way your smile looks!

Clear Aligners are quickly becoming the popular choice among patients because they look great, are more comfortable than traditional brackets and wires, and allow the user to easily remove their trays to eat, participate in activities, and keep up with oral hygiene.

SimplyClear™ Aligners

We’re proud to offer SimplyClear aligner treatment to our patients. Orthodontic treatment with SimplyClear aligners is a simple, easy, and effective way to move your teeth into proper alignment. Every SimplyClear case is planned and evaluated by your Dentist and a partner Orthodontist for the highest level of quality and accuracy.

SimplyClear Aligners Are:

  • Easy to Wear: Flexible material makes it a breeze to insert, wear, and remove SimplyClear clear aligners.
  • Nearly Invisible: Multi-layer light diffusion combined with an anti-reflective surface makes SimplyClear virtually invisible.
  • Comfortable: SimplyClear delivers a gentle, constant force designed to provide accurate tooth movement and a comfortable patient experience.
  • Trimmed to Perfection: SimplyClear aligners have expertly trimmed and polished edges, customized to each patient’s teeth.
  • Effective: SimplyClear has the perfect combination of rigidity and flexibility to effectively treat many different malocclusions.

Is SimplyClear Right for Me?

SimplyClear aligners are clear, comfortable, precise, and designed to treat a range of malocclusions. Some examples include Crowding, Spacing, Crossbite and Open Bite. The details of a treatment plan are unique to every patient; however, most patients are eligible for clear aligners! Give us a call to learn more about SimplyClear or ask a staff member on your next visit!