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Welcome to the orthodontic office of Dr. Zachary Lawrence! Here at Clear Suite Orthodontics, we are committed to expanding access to orthodontic care across the globe and in our local community. 

Our goal is to reach the highest standard of orthodontic care at Clear Suite Orthodontics. We offer clear aligners for children, teens, and adults. Dr. Lawrence will help you achieve that beautiful and vibrant smile you deserve.

We Use Cutting-Edge Technology

We believe that each patient is unique, and their treatment needs to be customized according to their individual needs. Dr. Lawrence ensures each of his patients receives the best orthodontic treatment available which is why he uses the latest cutting-edge technology.

Treatments offered include:

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Every Smile is Unique

We provide personalized care to determine which treatment option is right for you.

Dr Zach Doctor - Clear Suite Orthodontics in Woodmere, OH

Meet Your Orthodontist

Dr. Zachary Lawrence

Dr. Zack is committed to expanding access to orthodontic care across the globe, including his local community in northeast Ohio. He is passionate about continuing education and offers a wealth of knowledge to be shared with others. This passion also extends to his extensive understanding of digital orthodontics and leveraging technology in the office to enhance the patient experience. 

What Our Patients Are Saying

Christine R.
Dr. Lawrence has been professional, friendly, and responsive. My treatment plan has been working great and I am making wonderful progress under his guidance. Would highly recommend to anyone interested in aligners!
Jeff G.
I have recently completed a 7 month treatment program with clear suite orthodontics using Dr Zack Lawrence. I found Zack to be knowledgeable, kind, available for questions and assistance at all time. His office environment is equipped with the latest in technology and he always makes you feel comfortable knowing you are being cared for by one of the best. All that aside , I am thrilled with the outcome of my treatment program. I am so surprised and delighted I no longer have crowded, misaligned lower teeth. The aligners from Simply Clear were comfortable and easy to wear both during the day and to sleep with at night. I am convinced that wearing my aligners 15 plus hrs a day helped me achieve the planned outcome. I would recommend Zack to anyone considering aligners to straighten their teeth and fix their smile. I have no doubt you too will find Dr Zack to be top in his field of orthodontics.
Al R.
11 months and I have amazing results! Dr. Zach Lawrence walked me through entire successful process. And you thought I smiled a lot before…now it’s a permanent smile.
Tracy P
Great experience! Dr. Lawrence is kind, professional and made my third experience with orthodontic treatment the best one yet. Highly recommend him!
Alivia M.
Dr. Zach Lawrence is a great Orthodontist. I am on my second half of treatment with clear aligners and he has made the process very easy. Highly recommend him and his team!
April C.
Our experience was exceptionally outstanding at Clear Suite Orthodontics!!! I'm taking my niece to see Dr. Lawrence and we Love him!! Dr. Lawrence takes the time to explain everything so we understand what our options are and to expect during her aligner treatment! The office is so gorgeous and state of the art!! His staff is so caring, kind & compassionate! If you are looking for a phenomenal orthodontist you should definitely go see Dr. Lawrence!!
Shannon W.
I highly recommend Clear Suite Orthodontics. Dr. Zack is awesome. I am receiving Clear Aligner treatment (SimlyClear) from Dr. Zack along with my eight year old son, receiving phase 1 treatment. Our treatment is going great! My son Mason loves going to see Dr. Zack. He is great with kids and my son enjoys his conversation about Avengers with him. He is always very accommodating and makes the appointments easy and convenient, and the office is clean and high tech!If you are looking for a great orthodontist that really cares for their patients, go see Dr. Zack at Clear Suites Orthodontics!!!! They are the best!Shannon Wilson
Randa Y.
Both my children (8&10yo) were treated by Dr. Lawrence. He is knowledgeable, caring and takes his time explaining everything as he goes. Both kids felt really comfortable with him, the end results were great, and they can't wait to go back for their follow ups and to resume treatment (waiting for all adult teeth to come in). Bonus points: The office looks great too! Highly recommended!
Rachel I.
I highly recommend Dr. Lawrence and Clear Suite Orthodontics. The office was beautiful and the staff was so friendly, kind, and warm. Dr. Lawrence took the time to hear about my situation, stayed curious learning about my challenge and was careful to look into the possible causes. I really appreciated the care and attention he gave to my case. I will absolutely be going back to Dr. Lawrence and would highly recommend you go too!

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